Create and use private channels in Microsoft Teams

Many nonprofits use #MicrosoftTeams as their collaboration hub. This tutorial shows you how to create private channels, so your team members can connect one-on-one for efficient response time—any time they need it. Contact UniverseIT for more information.

Accelerate Your Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

Find out  how to accelerate your  move  to the cloud with #WindowsVirtualDesktop. Learn  how to get started quickly and securely with features that simplify the deployment  and experience  of desktop and app virtualization on Azure. Register for a virtual event here to learn more!

 Improve Performance with Driver-based Forecasting

In uncertain economic climates, your annual budget can go south in a hurry. Check out the video to see how Solver’s driver-based forecasting tool can help your company adapt to ever-changing market conditions and produce annual budgets that tightly align with strategic goals.