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UniverseIT is a Houston, Texas – based IT firm specializing in education technology and data analytics. Founded in Summer 2017 as Lonestar CIO by 19-year Microsoft veteran, Joe Eldridge, Lonestar CIO served as a way for Joe to continue his storied legacy of providing exceptional CIO and CTO services to clients all over the world. One such client’s need for a student management system is when UniverseIT first began to take shape. The software selection process eventually led to Lonestar CIO partnering with the makers of the chosen software, Classe365, an EdTech company headquartered in Sydney, Australia and becoming their premier US partner. With this new partnership in place, Joe shifted focus to EdTech. After partnering with one of his former colleagues, analytics expert Erica Blair Weldon, Lonestar CIO was renamed to the more encompassing, UniverseIT.

Our mission is simple: To take your organization beyond the cloud – enabling you for universal success.

How we’re different


We love our jobs. We love technology. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. Period. Our passion is evident. That passion drives us to be better & to do better every single day. For us. And for you.

Client Centered

We value our clients above all else. We are committed to always putting our clients’ needs above even our own. UniverseIT will always revolve around ‘U’.


UniverseIT is dedicated to our clients and seeing them success. We take immense pride in our clients and the work they do, as well as in UniverseIT and the work we do.


We’re not here to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t need. We’re here to find the right solution for your organization—even if it’s not from us. We mean that.

“It’s how it should be.”

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • Kenneth Omoruyi, CPA
    “It's been a great blessing to have UniverseIT handle all our IT needs. Their technical know-how coupled with their excellent customer service is unparalleled.”
    Kenneth Omoruyi, CPA
  • Bob, The Opened Bible Academy
    “UniverseIT has consistently worked toward excellence in customer service. And they are succeeding as far as I am concerned. The team have provided the excellence. They are competent, responsive, and a joy to work with.”
    Bob, The Opened Bible Academy
  • S. Sullivan

    We subscribed to Classe365 before we had heard of UniverseIT. We had a difficult time reaching support and getting our questions answered in a timely fashion due to timezone differences. Since we've been with UniverseIT that has all changed. The team is super friendly and quick to answer all our questions. If they didn't have the answer or if there was a glitch in the system, they found the answer and responded within hours, if not minutes. If you use Classe365 for your organization, having UniverseIT on your side is a must!
    S. Sullivan
    Bethany Christian Academy

Meet the Founders


President and CEO

(214) 295-2672

Joe is a 19-year Microsoft veteran and has a 30-year wealth of technology experience. He formerly directed numerous organizations at Mircrosoft, is a certified Scrum master, and has led numerous large projects to success, including the 6-month BizTalk implementation for Ford Motor Co. His technical acumen, abounding charisma, and masterful leadership propel our organization, and yours, to success.


Executive Vice President and COO

(214) 295-2672

Erica is a data and analytics expert and one of the keenest minds of her generation. She has the ability to break down a problem to its roots and create exciting and innovative solutions to meet her clients’ needs. She runs the operations of the business with this same methodology and strives to ensure client success.
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