Purpose-built for live online education

Interactive online whiteboard, reliable audio & video, white-label with your business branding.

With LearnCube, we can have your school hosting classes online in a week or less

Be ready to hold classes online in less than a week. Covid-19 has had an oversized impact on the education space and UniverseIT is here to help. ​

​Create an interactive and engaging online learning environment for your students and teachers. Share documents with a document camera, annotate our online whiteboard, and take LearnCube on the go with mobile.​

​Experience online learning like never before with LearnCube. Get started quick and get access to fast, friendly, daytime support here in the States through UniverseIT.


Designed For Teaching

  • Unlike many other platforms, LearnCube has been designed from the ground up with a focus on providing an interactive virtual classroom space that fosters learning and supports education. 
  • Subject specific tools allow teachers to add specific widgets to their classroom environment such as rulers and protractors for math and even Wolfram Alpha.​
  • You can schedule your classes directly through LearnCube and have it sync to all participant calendars.​
  • Store all of your lesson materials in one place in the content library. Supports nearly every media type. Drag that content onto the interactive whiteboard to share it with the class and annotate it on the fly. Your students can even take their own notes. You can also record your sessions for later use and reference!

Interactive Whiteboard

  • LearnCube keeps the classroom feel even when online. It’s never been easier for teachers and students to collaborate online in real-time. Teachers and student can draw, type, annotate, and more with LearnCube’s Interactive Whiteboard. The whiteboard offers an easier, faster, and better way to write, sketch, highlight, do exercises, play videos. Get students active and engaged in your classes. ​
  • Quality audio and video that lets you interact face to face virtually. Optimized for slow connections!​
  • Use chat features for silent communication, asking questions asynchronously, and even raise your virtual hand. Want to show a video? Synchronize play to all participants with LearnCube automatically and in real time to keep the class together.​
  • Teachers can also swap between three class modes to optimize their learning environment: ​
  • Whiteboard for when you want to focus on educational and interactive whiteboard content with both teacher and student annotations​
  • Convsersation for optimizing LearnCube for face-to-face learning​
  • And Slides that you can upload into the built-in content library for easy access
Interactive Whiteboard

Private & Group Classes

LearnCube can host group video classes with up to 8 students natively. For larger groups we can seamlessly integrate Zoom for Education.​​Private, one-on-one instruction is when LearnCube is at its strongest – Private tutoring, music and art lessons, and ESL classes are perfect for LearnCube. ​

​LearnCube can also connect with “doc cams”, or document cameras! Project any documents from your doc cam right into your Online Classroom.​

​Not a school? LearnCube is also optimal for providing corporate education and training both internally and to clients.​

Easy To Use

LearnCube is simple, intuitive, and easy to learn, even for those who aren’t tech savvy! If you have the skills to view this webpage, you’re a master at LearnCube’s online platform. LearnCube provides you with real-time logs and dashboards that contain classroom statistics and provide instant alerts for known issues so that you can always know how your virtual classrooms are doing. The solution also has a built-in troubleshooter to check browser, hardware, and internet speed to minimize the need for tech support. However, tech support when needed is provided by UniverseIT by our staff here in the States throughout the day and by LearnCube 24/7.

LearnCube Mobile

No downloads necessary! ​

LearnCube Online Classes work without any downloads in most modern web and mobile browsers.  LearnCube also offers a PWA Google Chrome Extension which can be added to any web browser built on chromium, including but not limited to Google Chrome, Brave Browser, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. ​

LearnCube has implemented an elegant, responsive design that looks great on all devices!

Developer API

  • LearnCube’s virtual classroom and interactive whiteboard have a REST API available with extensive documentation that can be easily integrated into existing systems. Also supports SSO or Single Sign-On when integrated with your user directory.​
  • All of the required infrastructure is managed by LearnCube including automatic routing to the closest server in our global network to minimize latency, allowing you to host unlimited concurrent classes.​
  • Use our API to keep the feel of being in the classroom by branding your virtual space with your institution’s images and colors

Be up and running in a week or less!

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