There has never been a better time to have a budget.

Solver’s planning module expands your reporting capabilities, and allows your users to store input data, such as budgets, back into the data warehouse. 

  • Easily create an unlimited number of scenarios in which to store budgets or other data 
  • Compare this data side-by-side with your actuals or operational data 
  • Budget against general ledger, subledger, and operational figures 
  • Budget at any level of granularity, detail, or time period 
  • Automated budget spreading and line-item detail capabilities 
  • Built-in Review and Approval workflow engine 


(Going to try to get a set of images we can show as a cycle from A to B to C to D, etc that visually shows off the budgeting process in solver, will paste them in asap) 

Image 1: Define Flows 


Image 2: Enter Data 


Image 3: Budget vs Actuals 

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