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February 26, 2021

Reduce costs with unbeatable offers

Migrating to the cloud needs to drive innovation while still making sense for your bottom line. @MicrosoftAzure offers intelligent security, seamless hybrid capabilities, and unique cost-savings options. Learn more about #Azure services with this infographic:
February 26, 2021

Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote staff members need to securely access organization resources from their own devices; with #WindowsVirtualDesktop, they can do this and more. Access this infographic to learn about the benefits of using #Microsoft Azure for your nonprofit's virtual desktop. Contact UniverseIT for more information.
February 25, 2021

Mercy Housing keeps residents safe at home using Microsoft Teams

Mercy Housing's charitable mission of transforming lives through affordable housing is being upheld, even with social distancing requirements from the pandemic. Mercy Housing is able to continue supporting the communities it serves while still keeping everyone safe using #MicrosoftTeams. Access this customer story to learn how, and contact UniverseIT for more information.
February 25, 2021

Adapt business processes to changing technologies and demand

Technologies and demands change. Harness the power of #Microsoft solutions and stay agile. For all the latest insights into agile business processes, plus news and tips, subscribe now.
February 25, 2021

Solver Reporting and Analysis – Migrating Reports from Other Report Writers

Migrating legacy reports into Solver's corporate performance management (CPM) software from an Excel based or Excel exportable report writer is easy as one-two-three. Check out the short video for a step-by-step demonstration of the three-step migrating process.  Contact UniverseIT for more information about the full range of Solver financial forecasting and analysis tools. #CPM
February 24, 2021

 Graphical Cash Analysis Tool and Dashboard

How great would it be if you could view 13 months of trended profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow data on a single screen? With UniverseIT's Graphical Cash Flow Analysis and Dashboard Reporting tools from Solver, you can view trends in the revenues, expenses and balance sheet items that drive cash flow and the resulting cash position. On a single computer screen. Check out the blog to see how Solver's CPM tools can help you improve liquidity analysis and identify issues before they become problems.
February 24, 2021

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote, work from anywhere—it's here to stay in some fashion. That's why you need a safe, reliable virtual desktop that offers you everything the office does—and more! Access this video to learn more about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop, and contact UniverseIT for more information.
February 24, 2021

Saving time with Microsoft Teams

Through #MicrosoftTeams, information workers save four hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. What are the other ways they are saving time with Teams? Access this infographic and contact UniverseIT for more information.
February 23, 2021

Five tips to help you save money and manage costs with Azure

Take advantage of offers and tools to maximize your efficiency and save money with #Microsoft Azure with these 5 simple tips. Want an overview of the features? Check out this short video.